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Car Loans Available near Me after Bankruptcy

Car Loans Available near Me after BankruptcyHaving trouble getting car loans after bankruptcy? If so, we at Bayside Auto Sales can help with our Car Loans Available near Me after Bankruptcy. We at Bayside Auto Sales have been helping people with histories of bankruptcy to get auto loans for years. We empathize with your situation and we won’t judge you! So long as you fulfill the requirements of car loans, we are more than willing to offer you a car loan after bankruptcy.

Requirements for Car Loans near Me after Bankruptcy

The lending institutions that we have partnered with to offer these Car Loans Available near Me after Bankruptcy have set a few simple requirements that applicants must fulfill. The most basic of these requirements are that you must be 18 years of age and must have an updated driving license, so make a point of renewing your driver’s license before applying for these car loans.

Another requirement is that you must have a steady, long-term job or a dependable source of income. Your source of income should last long enough to enable you to pay the monthly payments right until the car loan is fully paid off, hence the reason why there is an emphasis on a long-term job. If you have a job, a copy of your letter of appointment or signed employment agreement can suffice. If you have a business, copies of your business ownership documents or bank statements can serve as sufficient proof.

Apply for Car Loans near Me after Bankruptcy

We at Bayside Auto Sales have made it really easy for you to apply for our Car Loans Available near Me after Bankruptcy. You first search through our online inventory for a car that fits your budget. We have listed all of our cars with their prices and we have made it possible for you to filter the results that you want, so finding a suitable car won’t take long.

Once you submit the application, you wait to receive a car loan preapproval via email. When you receive the car loan preapproval, you print it out and come with it to our dealership to complete the application process. At our dealership, you sign the required paperwork and pay the down payment.

If you wish to make an inquiry about these car loans after bankruptcy, call Bayside Auto Sales at 877-452-3436. Our friendly certified staffs are on hand to serve you and to give you additional guidance. Bayside Auto Sales is located at 9815 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204.

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