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Used Cars Available in Everett

Used Cars Available in EverettIf you’re looking for a new vehicle without worrying about spending too much, then looking for Used Cars Available in Everett may be the solution. In addition to providing financing solutions to anyone and everyone, Bayside Auto Sales has an inventory full of the best used cars. We have certified and one-owner vehicles of all makes and models; simply get in touch with us to discuss what may be right for you.

Used Ford Available in Everett

The Ford Explorer is a versatile, fun-to-drive used car that still gets a lot of action, even though manufacture stopped in 2003. An excellent choice for a family sedan, the Escort has ample accommodation for all of its passengers and a spry driving style that will make it popular with any buyer. The Escort’s comfort and fuel economy are top-notch, and it has proven to be a reliable choice among Used Cars Available in Everett.

Used Volkswagen Available in Everett

The Passat is a luxury alternative for midsized sedans and station wagons. Even a used luxury brand can be expensive, but people who want to feel a little more class with their car can choose to test drive a used Passat. Second- and third- generations are favorites, but the Passat has had a long history of excellence. Fuel economy and comfort are top-notch, as is passenger safety. The customers who wish to buy a family car that offers a little more can enjoy the Volkswagen Passat; talk to your dealer of Used Cars Available in Everett to find out which model year will suit you the best.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a long-running model, which means that you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. A crossover SUV with good ride height and cargo capacity, the Santa Fe takes on most family-oriented tasks with an easy manner. If SUVs are on your list of Used Cars Available in Everett to buy, then look into the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Used Cars for Sale in Everett

Most likely the best-selling automobile in history, the Toyota Corolla continues to be a bestseller in both new and used forms. This economical sedan is small and reliable, with a long life ahead of it. What’s more, the Corolla has had a range of body styles throughout the year, including hatchback, wagon, sedan, and coupe. Simply put, everyone can find something they want in a Corolla.

Bayside Auto Sales has the best used-car inventory in the Greater Seattle area, and is glad to help you find your best car and best financing. Call us or visit our website to find out more!

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